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Facilitating Undergraduate Research Excellence

The University of Central Florida offers numerous opportunities for undergraduates to pursue research in various disciplines under the direction of a faculty member. This intensive research opportunity enriches students’ academic experiences and challenges them to strengthen their critical, analytical, and writing skills.

We encourage you to explore the support that OUR provides to help you get involved in research: the programs to fund your research, the workshops to improve your ability to communicate your research, and the ways to present your research to the academic community on and off campus.




UCF has many programs that support students financially in their research endeavors. Programs such as Honors in the Major and McNair Scholars are examples of opportunities on campus that support undergraduate research.


Presenting Your Research
Students already engaged in research have the opportunity to present their research on and off-campus. For example, the UCF Undergraduate Research Journal continually seeks manuscript submissions from undergraduates.


The Office of Undergraduate Research in collaboration with the RAMP and McNair program, as well as The Burnett Honors College, hosts a workshop series for students interested in research and for undergraduate students already engaged in research projects.


Undergraduate Travel Awards
Undergraduate travel grants from the Office of Undergraduate Research are awarded to support undergraduate students to present research and creative projects at conferences and exhibitions.

Summer Opportunities

There are numerous opportunities for undergraduates to participate in research during the summer. It is a great time to get involved with research at UCF because students often have more time to work on research projects. It is also a great time to leave UCF to be a part of a summer research program.


Undergraduate Research Position Database
This campus-wide database is a resource for undergraudate students to find open research positions posted by faculty and graduate students at UCF. Students can only access the full position discriptions after gaining an access code from one of the on-campus research program offices.


Office of Prestigious Awards

The Office of Prestigious Awards (OPA) provides UCF students and alumni with information and advising for major national and international fellowships and scholarships.


Web GURU Guide to Undergraduate Research

This guide is full of additional information about undergraduate research programs, mentoring, and professionalism in the lab.