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How Do I Get Started?

To assist students in getting started in undergraduate research, the Office of Undergraduate Research offers the following resources:

The Summer Research Academy

Workshops on Getting Started

Peer mentor advising


Components and Steps

There are three essential components to undergraduate research:

  • STUDENT – has an attitude that reflects excitement about engaging in research.
  • RESEARCH PROJECT- is in any discipline and showcases a student's interests within or outside their major.
  • FACULTY MENTOR - devotes time to expand an undergraduate's research skills and knowledge of the discipline.

STEP 1: Engaging in Self-Assessment
Before you begin research there are a few questions to ask yourself.


STEP 2: Exploring the Types of Research Opportunities at UCF
There are many research opportunities available to undergraduates at UCF.


STEP 3: Identifying Potential Faculty Mentors
Every undergraduate researcher requires a faculty mentor to help focus his/her research interests.


STEP 4: Contacting and Meeting With Potential Faculty Mentors
Learn the best ways to approach a potential faculty mentor.


STEP 5: Selecting a Faculty Mentor and Beginning Research
Once a faculty mentor is selected and agrees to guide an undergraduate researcher, research work can begin.