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The Student Undergraduate Research Council (SURC) is pleased to announce the Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award. This award recognizes outstanding academic research by undergraduates at the University of Central Florida.

Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award recipients will receive:
  • A certificate, an OUR padfolio, and a small scholarship (contingent upon funding) to recognize their efforts
  • Recognition on the Office of Undergraduate Research website
  • Acknowledgment of their award in the monthly OUR electronic newsletter
  • Recognition at the 2016 Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence

Applicants must be current UCF undergraduate students who have been involved with research for at least one complete semester and have at least a 2.5 GPA. Students can apply for this award by completing the Application Form with mentor endorsement (i.e., the mentor's signature on the application) and submitting a 1-2 page résumé/CV. Please be sure to include all of the following elements on the résumé/CV: major/minor(s), expected graduation date, current UCF GPA, and contact information. Faculty should only sign the form after all the fields are complete. All application materials must be typed and submitted electronically to

Each month a new student from the pool of applicants will be honored. Applications are due in September, January, and May for fall, spring, and summer consideration, respectively. If a student is not awarded the distinction during the semester the student applied, he or she may apply again with an updated application for consideration in the next semester. Scholarships are only disbursed if the student is enrolled the semester in which they were awarded DURA. The disbursement schedule is May for spring recipients, August for summer recipients, and December for fall recipients.


Due Dates

Fall 2015 Consideration: Friday, September 11

Spring 2016 Consideration: Friday, January 22

Questions? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at or 407-823-3125.

Note: Current or previous members of the Student Undergraduate Research Council are not eligible to receive this award.


Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award Recipients

January 2015

Analise McGreal
Mentor: Dr. Deborah Beidel (Psychology) and Dr. Sandra Neer (Psychology)
Research Project: Trauma Management Therapy (TMT) Program

February 2015

Imad Hanhan
Mentor: Dr. Seetha Raghavan (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Research Project: Hyrbid Carbon Fiber Composite for Non-Contact Stress Sensing

March 2015

Joanna Borrisova
Mentor: Dr. Fernando Rivera (Sociology)
Research Project: Analyzing the Factors that Influence Dental Anxiety

April 2015

Julie Deslauriers
Mentor: Dr. Linda Walters (Biology)
Research Project: Minimum Dosage of Acetic Acid Needed to Eradicate Aquarium Chaetomorpha

May 2015

Manuel Morales
Mentor: Dr. Richard Klemm (Physics)
Research Project: Angular Dependence of the Emission from Pie-Shaped Wedge Triangular Mesas

June 2015

Jared Muha
Mentor: Dr. Robert Cassanello (History)
Research Project: Apopka, Florida and Shifting Racial Dynamics in Agricultural Labor

July 2015

Andrew Dakkak
Mentor: Dr. William Self (Biomedical Sciences)
Research Project: Compound Screen for Identifying Novel Clostridium Difficile Therapeutics

August 2015

Burdley Colas
Mentor: Dr. Axel Schulzgen (CREOL)
Research Project: Designing a High Power Wavelength Division Multiplexer


September 2015

Brooke Sarley
Mentor: Dr. Seetha Raghavan (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering)
Research Project: Analyzing Microstructure of Additively Manufactured Inconel 718


October 2015

Preeti Kumrah
Mentor: Dr. Swadeshmukul Santra (Biomedical Sciences)
Research Project: Antimicrobial Treatment of Staphylococcus Aureus Biofilm Associated Skin Infections


November 2015

Grace Avecilla
Mentor: Dr. Ken Fedorka (Biology)
Research Project: Temperature, Cuticular Melanization, and Immune Function in Diaphorina citri