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The Student Undergraduate Research Council (SURC) is pleased to announce the Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award. This award recognizes outstanding academic research by undergraduates at the University of Central Florida.

Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award recipients will receive:
  • A $200 scholarship to recognize their efforts (contingent upon SGA funding)
  • A certificate and an Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) padfolio
  • Recognition on the OUR website and in the SURE program
  • Acknowledgment of their award in the monthly OUR electronic newsletter

Applicants must be current UCF undergraduate students who have been involved with research for at least one complete semester and have at least a 2.5 GPA. Students can apply for this award by completing the Application Form. Mentors will be contacted via email and asked to endorse student applications the week after applications close. Please note that students are only eligible to receive one the DURA once in their undergraduate career.

Each month, a different winner will be recognized. Applications are due in September and March for consideration. If a student is not awarded the distinction during the semester the student applied, he or she may apply again with an updated application for consideration in the next semester.

Due Dates

Fall 2016 Consideration: Friday, September 16

Spring 2017 Consideration: Friday, April 7

Questions? Contact the Office of Undergraduate Research at or 407-823-3125.

Note: Current or previous members of the Student Undergraduate Research Council are not eligible to receive this award.


Distinguished Undergraduate Researcher Award Recipients

June 2017

Lauren Gandy
Mentor: Dr. Candice Bridge
Research Project: Optimized Protocol for Detection of Organic and Inorganic Gunshot Residue

May 2017

Heidi Waite
Mentor: Dr. Linda Walters
Research Project: Rhythmic Larval Release in the Estuarine Crab Dyspanopeus Sayi: Entrainment by Temperature Cycles

April 2017

Jeanine Garcia
Mentor: Dr. Cristina Fernandez-Valle
Research Project: Ponatinib as a potential therapeutic drug for Neurofibromatosis Type 2

March 2017

Lianne Brito
Mentor: Dr. Kevin Mackie
Research Project: Using Triaxial Accelerometer and Gyroscope Sensors for Activity Recognition in Construction Sites

February 2017

Nicholas Kosan
Mentor: Dr. Stephen Kuebler
Research Project: Controlling Light with Spatially Variant Photonic Crystals

January 2017

Shirley Dorsainvil
Mentor: Dr. Grace White
Research Project: Does Distance Matter?: Predictors Of Infidelity And Jealousy In Geographically Close Versus Long Distance Romantic Relationship

December 2016

Ashelyn Sidders
Mentor: Dr. Kyle Rohde
Research Project: Expanding the genetic toolbox for Mycobacteria: Constructing the PheS Counterselection marker

November 2016

Christy Box
Mentor: Dr. Beatriz Reyes-Foster
Research Project: The Effects of Hegemonic Support of Endangered Languages on Language Ideologies

October 2016

Baggio Evangelista
Mentor: Dr. Yoon-Seong Kim
Research Project: Alpha-Synuclein: Insight to the Potential Biomarker for Theranostics Involved in Parkinson's Disease

September 2016

Michael Lopez-Brau
Mentor: Dr. Nazanin Rahnavard
Research Project: Mining Collective Intelligence in Cognitive Radio Networks

August 2016

Joey Valez-Ginorio
Mentor: Dr. Guo-Jun Qu
Research Project: Deep Learning Methods for Dynamic Brain Connectome Prediction

July 2016

Michelle Schaffer
Mentor: Dr. Linda Walters & Dr. Melinda Donnelly
Research Project: Effects of Black Mangrove Range Expansion on Shoreline Bird Communities

June 2016

Jessica Whitman
Mentor: Dr. Kathleen Oliver (English)
Research Project: Gender and Genre Madness in Samuel Richardson’s “Sir Charles Grandison”

May 2016

Kathryn Cline
Mentor: Dr. Deborah Altomare (Biomedical Sciences)
Research Project: Microenvironment Changes in the Pancreatic Stroma Induced by Inflammation

April 2016

Jessica Chambers
Mentor: Dr. Kareem Ahmed (Mechanical Engineering)
Research Project: Flame Turbulence Interaction for Deflagration to Detonation

March 2016

Melissa Paduani
Mentor: Dr. Patrick Bohlen
Research Project: How "Natural" are Shoreline Plant Communities in Constructed Storm-Water Ponds?

February 2016

Lacie Anderson
Mentor: Dr. Linda Walters
Research Project: Quantifying the Success of Eastern Oysters in Brevard County

January 2016

Brach Champion
Mentor: Dr. Richard Hofler (Economics)
Research Project: Correcting Medicaid Enrollment Underreporting: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis